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Natacha & Nuits de Princes is a Russian and Gypsy music band.


Comprised of five virtuoso instrumentalists, this band interprets songs written by Natacha Fialkovsky (vocals and balalaïka) and arranged or composed by the band’s guitarist and artistic director Olivier Cahours. His generous arrangements give each instrument – Natalia Trocina’s Russian domra, Thierry Colson’s double bass and Pascal Storch’s classical and steel string guitars – a unique suave register.


Over the years, Natacha & Nuits de Princes had settled into the maturity of an identifiable band sound, highly appreciated by critics. Their discography of four albums offers a captivating sound, held by Natacha’s enveloping voice, that immediately takes you to the East, from the Balkans to Ural.


Their music is regularly used in movie soundtracks such as the short film “Zapoï” by Vladimir Tchernine with Edouard Baer, “Rire et Châtiment” by Isabelle Doval, “Hell” by Bruno Chiche, “Kiss & Kill” by Robert Luketic or in the “Shameless” TV series.

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