Daniel Goyone_ok

Daniel Goyone is a pianist and composer of contemporary classical music and jazz, considered by his peers as a composition genius.


He built a unique musical universe characterized by an individual rhythmic language, which sometimes echoes to Brazilian, Cuban, or Indian music. Daniel Goyone composes whether for big bands as well as classical or reduced formations, in very different styles: jazz, chanson, chamber music, score music, circus shows, etc…


He wrote for Claude Nougaro, Trilok Gurtu or Daniel Mille and also supported them on stage. Above all, he recorded many albums under his name including the latest, “French Keys,” which intended to illustrate a tradition of French classical music, contemporary, curious and open to the world.


In addition to his music, Daniel Goyone is also known for conceiving the famous two-volumes method “Rhythms: Rhythm in its essence and its applications,” which is a reference for any musician interested in rhythm, whatever the level or instrument practiced.

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