Dissident is an electro-pop-rock french quartet from Tours. The band was founded by former members of Divine Paiste: Pierre-Yves on vocals, Paul on the guitar, Pierre on the bass and keys and Sébastien on drums.


Tired of the ambient system and its dispositions, the four boys decided to lead this project on a collective and communal basis: this project is not only their project; it’s most of all the one of each and every people wanting to join this family with a unique leader: the idea of building something together.


It’s on this DIY line that Dissident ignited hearts and dancefloors with a first EP “Family Affair” followed by the album “Viceberg” and with well-kept music videos.


On the stage side, Dissident roamed the stages on their own or alongside bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Juveniles or Skip The Use. They even set an “at home tour” and performed directly and literally in their public / guests houses for unique sharing moments captured in a video diary.

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