New Lyrical Boys Band is a quartet of a capella songs and musical humor that performs opera and liturgical pieces, jazz, and US pop.
This quartet comprises two Tenors, Fabrice Maitre and Olivier Hernandez, and two Baritones, Christophe de Biase and Olivier Naveau. The group demonstrates no limit between styles and that any instrumental piece, any song can be embellished with lyrical sauce. Conversely, any great classic can be diverted into rap, hip hop, and other beat music …
Cover versions of Mozart, Michael Jackson, Verdi, The Beatles, Bizet, Schubert, Psy, John Williams… compose their musical and humorous shows.
The first one, Chevauchée Lyrique, created in 2009, was a success at the 2012 and 2013 Avignon Festivals and they returned there in 2015. The second one, La Do Re etc. was made at the Avignon Festival of 2014 and directed by François Rollin. And finally, TENORISSIMO! was inspired in 2017, again at the Avignon Festival and this time led by Francis Perrin..

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