Soma is a pop-rock band composed of four outstanding multi-talented instrumentalists: Lionnel Buzac (vocals and guitar), SĂ©bastien Claret (guitar), Thomas Bitoun (drums), and Xavier Fernandes (bass).
After more than 10 years of touring the French scene, Soma released a title EP in 2009, followed closely by their ultra-charged debut album Jewel & the orchestra, released in 2010. The band fulfilled a dream by having Dave Sardy, who produced Oasis, Cold War Kids, Jet, and the Dandy Warhols, mix their track in Los Angeles. Soma is the first French band that the American agreed to work with. This first release is a success.
Soma released a second album in 2012, this time in collaboration with Tony Hoffer (Phoenix, Depeche Mode, Beck, Sweden). The group confirms its composition talents on a relentless series of pop-rock tracks.

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