Jarvis Platini

Jarvis Platini is a French chanson and pop rock singer-songwriter.

Right in between Dominique A and Serge Reggiani, the recital UFO Jarvis Platini knows how to handle both hard words and delicate poetry at the same time, between tradition and slam, analyzing the world around him without concessions or compromises.

As a fanatic observer of our small day-to-day problems, he depicts in his work – definitely black but with some tits in it anyway – the hazards of our sweet and crazy beings as the impossibility to find a decent pair of trousers in the South of the Loire, Edith Piaf questionable conduct during WW2, or even those silly children names in the Child Rescue Alerts.

After a first a capella album called “Sale Hope” and unanimously acclaimed by his wife, he decided to take a step back from music to look into his kids’ education. Then he went back with a side project with Philippe Lavergne called “Walter & Lavergne” in 2020 and will release his very own Jarvis Platini satire on 2022.

By the way, crispy story for the record, Jarvis Platini is not even on her mom’s French Top50, whereas Julien Lepers is.

She won’t complain when Jarvis will be famous…

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