Akalé Wubé

Akalé Wubé is a French ethio-jazz band. Their music is exclusively inspired by Ethiopian funk-jazz from the 60’s as well as traditional Ethiopian music.


Formed by Paul Bouclier (trumpet, flugelhorn, krar and percussions), Étienne de la Sayette (saxophones, mbira flutes, keys), Loïc Réchard (guitar), Olivier Degabriele (bass), David Georgelet (drums) under the framework of sound engineer Pierre Dachery. Akalé Wubé had collaborated with many artists such as Girma Bèyènè or Manu Dibango.


Akalé Wubé had permformed more than 200 shows all over the world (France, United-Kingdom, Germany, Danemark, Poland, Belgium, South Corea, China, Morocco, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland or South Africa).

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