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Palata Singers is a Congolese gospel group.
Bernard Makambila (bass), Alphonse Nzindou (tenor), Marcel Boungou (tenor), and Gaspard Mifoundou (baritone) come from choirs in Brazzaville. They are the precursors of a new movement, never ceasing to be emulated. Palata Singers is one of the most beautiful pages in the history of African gospel, followed by a page in French gospel.
Their repertoire, mixing negro spirituals, Afro-American gospels, and original hymns, is served by remarkably well-timbered voices and cohesion in the polyphonic movements acquired over more than forty years of practice together. The quartet is structured according to a classical formula. It is still evolving with ease into a melting pot, combining revisited spirituals, feline reggae, rhythm and blues, and percussions from native lands. The incredible beauty and power of their a cappella voice have earned them rapid international recognition.

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