Olivier Cahours is a songwriter-performer guitar player as well as a music for image composer.


As a prolific artist, he multiplies collaborations and side projects with several artists such as Sharon Evans, Nuits de Princes, Entre Deux duet with Thierry Colson, Sur La Route trio with Jacky Lignon, several Bertrand Renaudin‘ projects (Zoomtop Orchestra, Turbulent Silence, Douö, …), Déborah Tanguy, Maxime Perrin, … Those projects led him to perform all over the world (South Africa, Lebanon, Japan, Algeria, Soudan, Nepal, La Réunion, Tanzania, …)


Olivier Cahours also performed as a stage musician along with Mariane Spang-Hansen, Richard Bona, Ibrahim Maalouf, Thanh Huong, Tony Coe, Pierrick Hardy, Eric Lelann, Christophe Lavergne, Eric Barret, Peter King, Bertrand Renaudin, Maxime Perrin, …


As a music for image composer, Olivier Cahours worked on movies such as „Rire et Châtiments“ or „HELL“ as well as French TV programs as „Zone Interdite“ or „66 Minutes“. He also composed fort he „Bigre“ act and created 3 music for image compilations with Music Box Publishing-RFI.

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