Kuku is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and performer of Nigerian-American Folk music.


His goal is to build bridges between both his Yoruba and American cultures. His compositions are accompanied by powerful lyrics that defend causes that touches him: peace, love, justice, religion or fight against racism.


After three albums released in the USA, this self-taught artist arrived in France in 2013 and released the album “Soldier of Peace” that was hailed by critics who see him as a kind of “African Bob Dylan.” He collaborated with Tony Allen, Hilaire Penda, Cyril Atef and Mr. Scott for remixes on some of the tracks.
Following their collaboration, Kuku put his husky voice on two tracks for Tony Allen’s album “Film of Life”, released in 2014.


In 2015, he returned with the album “Ballads & Blasphemy”, a hymn to spirituality without dogma.

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