Jessie Lee & the Alchimists

Jessie Lee & The Alchemists is a Blues Rock band formed by Jessie Lee on vocals, Alexis “Mr AL” Didier on the guitar, Laurent Cokelaere on the bass, Julien Audigier on drums and Laurian Diaire on the keyboards.


It’s in the heart of the Anglo-Saxon music that they grew up and are now paying tribute to that the five playmates, strong musical and artistic personalities spanning three generations, draw their inspiration and energy.


They mix their experiences and concoct a brilliant blend of blues, soul, rock, and jazz in original compositions that constituted their first self-titled album in 2018.


These diverse musical traditions serve as solid foundations for modern music in which nostalgia is a driving force for creativity.


Their last album, “Let it Shine” was released in 2021.

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