Eat My Butterfly is a singer-songwriter, producer and DJ melting acoustic and electronic music, feminine and masculine, nature and urban.
Between bursting percussions and entwined melodies, she wanders in a borderless electronic world.


It’s in her island, La Réunion, that she draws her creative inspiration : waterfalls, tropical forests and shimmering birds of paradise melted with Maloya percussions sensualy laced with the primal sounds of her synths: a singular and genuine universe with a quick imagi-nation and raw emotions.


Originally trained on drums, Eat My Butterfly attaches high importance to rhythm that she explores and brings to life through traditional instruments which sounds are dancing and floating around in her very own way.


Eat My Butterfly is also offering her music and sensibility to her strong and sincere enga-gement towards environmental protection and to do so, she connects and seals part-nerships in La Réunion with the Local Environment Week as well as globally alongside DJs For Climate or Greenpeace.

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